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Slaves to Convenience

Ryan has posted a sobering article that I wanted to share on just how dangerous total dependence for sustenance on others can be.

By Ryan



Some people watch news about starving people in Africa and may think to themselves, “Poor them. They are days away from starvation. Look at how they depend on others just to feed themselves.”

That last thought is rather tricky. In many places in Africa, they are dependent on others bringing them food. Many NGOs, including large ones like UNICEF are the only entities keeping some medium to large populations alive. People, sometimes living on the opposite end of the globe, give money, either directly through charitable giving or indirectly by paying taxes and then having their tax dollars turned into aid sustain these populations to the extent that if the money dried up and the food stopped coming in, these populations would be devastated.

These people are usually given pre-processed food stuffs. Not seeds, not knowhow, but sacks of flour, rice, beans, etc. This drives home the point that…

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The good news about Aldon Smith’s suspension.

Aldon SmithAs news of Aldon Smith’s nine-game suspension rippled through the sports world today, I have seen a lot of wringing of hands about how the San Francisco 49ers will possibly survive the season without him (in spite of the 49ers going undefeated last season during Smith’s five-game absence).

So, to abate further unnecessary concern, I thought I’d direct everyone’s attention to two silver linings about Smith’s suspension.

1). When Aldon Smith is due to return in week eleven, half the regular season will already be over. And during that first half of the season, it is not out of the realm of possibility that the 49ers may lose another defensive lineman (or two, or three) to injury. Aldon Smith may actually come back at just the right time to replace an injured and tired player.

2). When Aldon Smith returns, he–unlike the rest of the defensive line–will be well rested. While the rest of his teammates have been getting banged up for nine games, Smith will be coming back fresh.

NaVorro BowmanAdditionally, let us not forget that NaVarro Bowman, San Francisco’s premier linebacker, is expected to return from his gruesome knee injury sometime in the mid to late portion of the season. If this happens, then the 49ers will be welcoming back two of their stalwart defenders just in time for the final stretch of the regular season. And that, fellow 49er fans, is good news.