Grammar Police

Grammar Police: I am going to refile my prescription after I refill my taxes.

Dear drafter of official state of Nevada documents: When you file something twice, you “refile.” When you fill something twice, you “refill.” Please keep this distinction in mind next time you draft another document.


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Dead Poets Society meets 1984

This short video–that can best be describe as Dead Poets Society meets 1984–is spawned from George Orwell’s concept that in a totalitarian society 2+2 can equal 5 if your rulers say it does.

This video has haunted me since I first watched it several days ago, as I expect it will for some of you too.

It is a disturbing commentary on our current society on so many  levels, including how our public schools and colleges no longer teach us how to think, but tell us what to think.

Viewer discretion is advised for a single depiction of violence.