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Poll: Pick your poison.

imageRecently, the popular potato chip company, Lay’s, introduced several new flavors of potato chips that had been suggested by their customers, including Cappuccino flavored (yes, it was as gross as it sounds). Lay’s then asked consumers to vote on their favorite, and the winning flavor would be added to their regular production.

This got me thinking: why should consumers be limited to potato chips when so many other gross food combinations are just waiting to be tapped?

Well, wonder no more. Below are ten flavor combos I’ve come up with for your consideration. Please review them and vote on the one you would like to see sold in a supermarket near you.

2 thoughts on “Poll: Pick your poison.”

  1. These were seriously ALL gross … so, I picked the least gross — the blue cheese cheesecake. Had you mixed in another flavor with the cheesecake, like Durian fruit for example, I would not have been able to take part in this voting! 🙂

    Do you have anymore grossness out there you’re willing to share?


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