NFL fans by county.

Facebook–always good at gathering personal information–has released a map of the United States revealing the highest concentration of fans of NFL team per county.


Click on map to enlarge.

Interestingly, according to Facebook, the New York Jets do not hold a majority of fans in any county anywhere in the entire United States.


Grammar Police: If Waldo was an apostrophe, where would he be?

When I first looked at this cup I immediately reached for my phone to report this crime to the Grammar Police. But then I looked a little closer. The possessive apostrophe may be missing from the word Jackson’s, but it isn’t missing from the cup itself.IMG_3484

Still don’t see where it’s hiding?

Look closely at the picture of the cup in the middle of the logo. On the red cup right next to the handle is a big white apostrophe (looks like the letter J).

See . . . just when we thought all hope for humanity was gone, Jackson’s Java Company played a trick on all the uptight grammar cops by hiding their apostrophe within the logo.

Those sneaky little rascals.



January updates.

imageI wanted to take a moment to update readers on my writing progress since my last update in October. Here are five things to note:

1). I am currently in the final self-editing revisions for two of my short stories: The Visitor (formerly known as The Letter) and Collision (which my wife believes is my best work yet, and I’m not going to argue with her about it).

2). I continue to fine tune The Visitor as I prepare to (hopefully) self-publish it on Kindle in the near future.

3). I completed the final revisions for my short stories The Farmer in Shackles and Chasing Her.

4). I submitted Chasing Her to the upcoming 2015 Writer’s Digest Short Story Contest. I should know by the end of February if my story made it in the top 25 or not. Needless to say, I would be ecstatic if it did.

5). In December, while on a business trip to Las Vegas, I began structuring and outlining my next project: a short story entitled The Great American Clubhouse Fire.

Thank you for your interest in my writing progress, and for joining me on this journey.