Quotes: Weakening sentences.




Does your story contain pinch points?

imageIf you’re asking, “What are pinch points?” (as I did), then look no further than K.M. Weiland’s latest article: What are Pinch Points? And how can they make your book easier to write?

Slow fade.

A song selection dedicated to all those whose lives aren’t picture perfect. To those of you who are battling whatever slow fade has besieged you while surrounded by a sea of family and friends (and brothers and sisters) offering obligatory handshakes, empty hugs, and plastic smiles, as your life crumbles around you. Just know, whatever your slow fade is, you are not alone.

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Quotes: How you can easily improve your child’s vocabulary.

“Don’t shy away from the big words. It is very common for adults to simplify their language when talking to young children. Instead of referring to the veterinarian, we talk about the ‘animal doctor.’ While a sentence full of new words would be a bit overwhelming for anyone, throwing in a new word now and then is a great opportunity to build vocabulary! If we are referring to the veterinarian, we should use that word, offering ‘animal doctor’ as an explanation, and then referring to ‘veterinarian’ a few more times in the conversation. If you’re explaining what something is, you might as well use the right word the first time. Children may not always pick up on those big words, but they certainly won’t if they don’t ever hear them. There isn’t much opportunity for growth if we’re always using words they already know. So go ahead, use words like ‘identical’ instead of ‘same’ and ‘metamorphosis’ instead of ‘change’. You’ll be surprised at what your children will pick up on when you give them the chance!”

– Amanda Morgan