Longing for Fall (and football season) to return.

It’s that time of the year again when we lose an hour of sleep, the weather begins warming to a sweltering, oppressive heat, the mosquiotes and flies begin swarming, and baseball returns like a bad penny.

imageI regard baseball as a signpost of what’s to come and it accurately encapsulates all that I dislike about this time of the year.

Its advent makes me immediately long for the return of a chill in the air, the changing of the color of the leaves, Thanksgiving, getting that hour of sleep back, and the return of football season.

Some may say I am merely taking my dislike of summer (and flies, and mosquitoes, and heat, and loss of sleep) out on poor baseball, but that’s not the case. Even if baseball wasn’t a herald for summer, it would still be a slow and painfully boring sport.

So, to truly capture my great dislike for this sport, I will post one baseball meme a week for the next several weeks expressing just how I feel about this so called American pastime.

Even if you like baseball and are mad at me for daring to suggest it is boring (the emperor has no clothes), I trust you’ll find humor in at least one of the coming memes.

See you next Wednesday.


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