Six things you should be including in your ebook (and probably aren’t).


Stop! Before you publish that next ebook, check out the six things you sould be including in that ebook, by David Kudler.

Quick: who—aside from you, your immediate family, and your dog—are the people most excited about your book, most ready to talk about it with their friends, and best equipped to talk about your book’s virtues? Anyone?

Well, there are lots of possible answers for each of those questions, but when it comes to identifying the whole bunch, I’d bet it’s a group that you haven’t thought much about: The people who have just finished the last page.

Think about it. If someone has actually finished your book, they’re committed to it. They’re interested in what you have had to say, and it’s fresh in their minds. They are your ideal advocates, your perfect evangelists for generating more excitement about your work and making sure that people hear about it. So what are you doing to harness that potential?

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Quotes: Killing the patient.

“An intelligently-wielded [scalpel] can save a patient; using a thousand dull butter knives would kill the patient. More is not often better. The encyclopedic 26 volumes of the Warren Commission are not thorough, they are obfuscatory. The pages of the Warren Commission are not sharp or focused, they are a thousand dull butter knives designed to kill the patient—a patient named Truth.”

– Lance Moore


Heed the words of Todd the Blog Frog.

Although Todd the Blog Frog is not the official mascot of this blog, I still approve his message.


What Todd is trying to tell you is that I am quickly approaching my 400th follower on this fine blog. I am currently at 392 followers and as soon as I reach 400, the eight followers who propelled me to 400 will receive a glowingly, wonderfully, handsomely crafted endorsement from me (with even more adverbs).*

It’s just like the customer at a grocery store who is unwittingly the 1 millionth cutomer and is showered in balloons and confetti, served cake, and is awarded free groceries for life. It’s just like that . . . except it’s not unwittingly . . . there will be eight of you . . . and there won’t be any cake, balloons, confetti or free groceries for life.

So, be one of the next eight people to help me reach 400 followers on and get your blog promoted here in an upcoming “Happy 400th” post.

For those who need deeper contemplation on whether or not to like this blog, here are some words of wisdom from Larry the Drama Llama (also not an official mascot).


* I reserve the right to revoke my endorsement of any of the eight blogs that get me to 400 followers if that blog contains obscene content.