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Happy 400th!

Please join me (and this very limber dog) in celebrating this blog reaching its 400th follower!

And, as promised in this post, I would like to direct your attention to the fellow bloggers that helped me in the final stretch of reaching 400 followers.

I originally intended to plug the final eight blogs that got me to 400 but have since decided to make it ten.

So without further ado, here are the ten superbly designed, wonderfully managed,  and supercalifragilisticly cool blogs who helped me reach 400. Be sure to visit them.

Capturing the Charmed Life: https://capturingthecharmedlife.wordpress.com

Pocket Mouse Publishing: http://pocketmousepublishing.com

Your Digital Publishing Cheat Sheet: https://publishdigitally.wordpress.com

Inspirational Hope: https://mardelinem.wordpress.com

Writerish Ramblings: http://writerishramblings.com

What Inspires Your Writing?: https://whatinspiresyourwriting.wordpress.com

Smith’s Homeschool Blog: https://smithshomeschoolblog.wordpress.com

Rose’s Reids: http://rosesreids.com

Daily Inspiration Blog: http://dailyinspirationblog.com

Gobagese1: http://gobagese1.com/about/