Redundant Ritz.

Is it just me, or does the description under the word Pizza make no sense?


5 thoughts on “Redundant Ritz.”

  1. Yes, it does actually say that. The only alteration I made to the picture was placing the circle around the weird declaration on the box.

    It’s like owning an organic pizza restaurant that sells “organic pizza and other organic pizza.”


  2. It is simple. There is Natural Flavor and there is “Other Natural” Flavor. Natural derives from a natural state like salt, pepper or sugar. “Other Natural ” derives from a mixture of um…….. different Naturals like, um, uh, ………. various spices and ingredients that are found in their natural habitat (laboratory) and have names that are difficult to pronounce.

    Further clarification can be requested, Naturally ( confused with the shortstop ). 🙂

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