What do you do when your ideas for stories come faster than you can write them?

imageSilly me. Once upon a time (not too long ago), I feared that I would run out of ideas for stories to write. I no longer have that fear. Now what I fear is whether or not I will ever have the time to write them all.

In addition to the myriad of other stories I am preparing to write, I’ve just come up with two more stories in the last month alone, and I’ve already begun writing them (putting my other stories on hold).

These two new stories (and a synopsis for each) are below:


When a clandestine intelligence gathering team sneaks onto a small island under the cover of darkness, the simple mission goes horribly wrong. Only one man is left to complete the mission, however, the information that he was intending to gather pales in comparison to what he soon discovers is actually happening on the island.


A strange man on a city park bench begins to draw the attention of countless people. No one dares approach the man because his actions are so strange, until one day a young boy breaks from the crowd and takes a seat next to the man.

(If interested, you can find a list of all my current–and future–projects here.)

So what say you? Do you have this problem of too many ideas and not enough time? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section about what you do when you encounter this predicament.

4 thoughts on “What do you do when your ideas for stories come faster than you can write them?”

  1. Reblogged this on Mark Anthony Books and commented:
    Putting in a shameless plug for my readers to go sign up to read at my friend’s blog. His writing makes me think and often goes in a direction that you were not expecting. I am sure he would be happy if you follow him and try to get his number of followers up to 500 as well.


  2. My ideas are few but the complexity to each grows. I have more of a smoke and simmer approach, most likely due to my analytic personality type.

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