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Is that a bug in your eye?

So there I was . . . relaxing comfortably in the passenger seat of our family vehicle with my wife driving and all the kids behaving themselves in the back.

My window was down and I was reading from my Kindle when all of a sudden a loud crack broke the tranquility of the drive and I was struck in the eye by an unknown obeject.

As I covered my eye with my hand wondering what just happened, my oldest boy notified me that a large bug was next to him. He captured the bug in a plastic fruit bowl and provided it to me. It was half of a large dragonfly.

The dragonfly had struck the side mirror, tearing it in half. The bug’s torso deflected directly into my eye where it ricocheted into the back of the vehicle landing near my boy.

Normally this would be nothing to talk about, but the size of the dragonfly is what made this newsworthy. As dragonflies go, this thing was enormous. It had a five-inch wingspan. That’s like a small bird.

Once I saw its size I understood the loud crack as it hit the mirror and the pain of being hit in the eye with it.

For those wondering how I’m doing, I’m fine, but the dragonfly didn’t make it.



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