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Quotes: Bigot by default.

If some of you would be upset with me for posting this quote, then you need to read it again because you obviously missed the point.

“It often appears that we are all simply expected to know the various rules of political correctness as if they were perfectly natural; something we were born innately aware of. In truth, for those not raised in the cultural Marxist indoctrination of the current school system, there is very little that is ‘natural’ about [Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner]. The truth is that PC thinking is often bizarre and contradictory (which, in my opinion, is the point of it). It routinely overturns standards and mores that have hitherto stood the test of centuries. . . . Should I have to pretend [this story about Jenner] has meaning in my life when it in fact has close to zero impact of any sort? I honestly believe not; which in the eyes of the politically correct makes me a bigot by default.”

Winston Smith

From the article Fractious Fictions