Quotes: Drugging children into compliance.

image“Through natural learning children learn critical thinking, social skills, bonding with friends and family, and develop a genuine interest in knowledge. In structured, rigid schooling, especially the forced government variety, children learn conformity, compliance, memorization, the importance of following arbitrary rules, and to blindly respect those in positions of ‘authority,’ whether they deserve it or not. . . . And if children aren’t perfectly conforming to the rigid idea of what is ‘normal’ behavior, if they express themselves, and stand out – then these children are slapped with various diagnoses, then drugged into compliance.”

From the article The Absurdity of Public Education.

2 thoughts on “Quotes: Drugging children into compliance.”

  1. What amazes me is I’ve heard moms, with tears in their eyes, say, “The Lord is so good and provided these drugs for my children because they have ADD or ADHD.” I have to shake my head in disbelief. That is an oxymoron to say God wants your children taking drugs.

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