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10 reasons why I’ve decided to become pro-choice.

image1). Although I am personally opposed to the practice, I do not want to impose my moral values upon others. So if someone else wants to hunt lions, then who am I to judge? My motto is: If you don’t like lion killing, then don’t kill one.

2). It’s clear that laws against lion hunting won’t stop lion hunting. It will only make lion hunting dangerous for the hunters because banning lion hunting will drive hunters into back jungles to seek unsafe hunting. We do not want to return to “back alley” hunting.

3). Anti-choicers sit atop their moral pedestals and dictate that others shouldn’t have safe and affordable access to lion hunting, proving they only care about lions and not the hunters.

4). What’s the harm? Lions are only blobs of tissue, cells, muscles, and skin. It’s just like killing a cockroach.

5). Lion hunting should be “safe, legal, and rare.” But in those cases when a lion is killed, just think of all the good things that come from its death. Just think of all the research that could be done with the lion’s harvested organs. Anti-choicers only care about lions, not the countless people who could benefit from the stem-cell research done on the harvested lion’s organs.

6). Most people who are against lion hunting are not hunters, and therefore, should have no say in this debate. If you’ve never been faced with a fierce lion before, you have no right to an opinion in this matter.

7). Allowing hunters safe and affordable access to lions liberates and empowers the hunters. For far too long they have been oppressed and I will not sit quietly while hunterphobes try turning the clock on hunting rights back a hundred years.

8). Tax dollars should be used to fund poor lion hunters so they have the same access to lion hunting as the rich.

9). Lion hunting is simply the playing out of the survival of the fittest. Darwin would be proud. Who are we to interfere?

10). Unless anti-choicers are willing to adopt every lion in the world, then they have no right to tell others that they can’t hunt them.


31 thoughts on “10 reasons why I’ve decided to become pro-choice.”

  1. I’m a Libertarian and I also, believe in individual freedom but where I differ on abortion used as a method of birth control is that I believe government should protect life and that includes the lives of unborn children. We women do have sovereignty over our bodies, our rights end when our free choice results in a new, innocent life. What I would like to see is a return to healthy morality around sex and procreation that would make the abortion issue a non-issue. Children deserve better.


      1. I believe that our lack of empathy for the unborn is an expression of self-loathing that is destroying our nation from within. This isn’t a political issue, it is about life itself.


  2. Great job of putting it into “perspective”. Too bad the subjective fluidity of priorities varies chaotically. If only there were a moral standard of life and law that would bring equality to all. Such a shame. 😉


  3. Very witty and hits right at the heart of the issue. I think the problem we have today though is that morality will never be an absolute unless based on the God who gave the morals in the first place. If there is no God to set the standard then whatever floats your boat will always have to be acceptable, and the end result of such a belief system is even more staggering than the depravity we already find in place.


  4. Nicely written satire. On the overall issue… It was a sadly ironic timing of events — as we have the shocking Planned Parenthood scandal of selling baby parts tearing into the hearts of our “leaders” on both sides of the aisle, that suddenly a story about poaching a beloved animal devours that news cycle. I can’t help but feel it wasn’t a coincidence. We see what the pro-abortion lobby is really about at the top of the pyramid; it has nothing to do with the safety or rights of women, but a vile business that’s even more depraved than trophy kills of God’s creatures. They will stop at nothing to protect that business.


  5. Very nicely written! I expect the timing was done purposefully to turn the attention away from planned parenthood and keep any more crimes from becoming available for the public. As it is endorsed by the president I expect he anxiously wants this hidden away and I, for one, take his comment about him investigating the people who published this to be admission that he does not want it to be public knowledge.


  6. This would be a great analogy save one thing. Its not a clump of cells its a human being. Its not a matter of a “moral pedestal” or depriving women of a choice. I care very deeply about the health of women. The fundamental disagreement is whether it is a human or not. Jump in my shoes for a minute. Lets say im right and from the moment of conception this new child comes into existence. That means since roe vs wade over 50 million children have been killed. Thats why i feel the right to be outraged over this. i would love to hear your opinion about when life begins in the womb. For now i will leave this link to share with you.


  7. Dear a friend:
    My opinion on when life begins in the womb is simple: at conception.
    I think you completely misunderstood the post. It was written to point out the absurdity of the pro-abortion position, especially in light of the outcry over one dead lion. Please read it again in that light and I think you’ll enjoy it the second time around. 🙂

    Dear Pam:
    It’s too bad that more Libertarians aren’t pro-life. They are so focused on the issue of government intrusion that they completely miss the denial of liberty to the unborn, and they lose sight of the non-aggression principle where it should apply, namely in the taking an innocent human life.


  8. I like it. It needs a little work though. I live in Africa, so these things actually spoil the parody a little.

    1. Lions don’t live in the jungle, at least not where Cecil lived. They live in the open grassland savannah.

    2. I’d make more of how laws against lion hunting would cause more poaching to happen. Look into how dangerous it is for the “hunter” when it comes to rhino poaching.

    3. I’d make more of an argument as to the economic benefits, and potential for job creation, rather than taking the stem cell research analogy. Once again, look at similar arguments for legalising rhino horn trade.

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  9. I have seen similar satire on Second Amendment rights. There is a waiting period, expensive training and or insurance requirements, limiting the number of bullets in a clip or the diameter of the bullet, using zoning to prevent construction of ranges(abortion clinics) and numerous other restrictions, that make it more difficult to obtain a firearm, even for self protection. Some guns are uglier than others and are restricted. Every analogy limps when pressed too hard. You can get an abortion for your mental health but CA,MA,NJ and IL would not recognize the peace imparted by the ability to protect oneself. DC is the worst.


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