Story: The Visitor, Updates

A big thank you.

imageI wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who took advantage of my three-day promotion by downloading my first self-published short story.

In all, over 120 people got their hands on a free copy of The Visitor, and all the reveiws I received on Amazon and Goodreads were very positive (another big thank you). If you haven’t shared your thoughts about the story yet, head on over to and leave a review.

If you missed the promotion, have no fear, The Visitor is still available (here) for download.

I also wanted to thank all of you for supporting indie authors (especially those who shared my story on their blogs and social media). It’s great people like you that encourages struggling writers to continue in the lonely craft of writing.

Now it’s time to devote my attention to my next project. Another short story that I’m hoping to have available before the first of the year. It’s entitled The Island. I’ll leave you with the synopsis:

When a clandestine intelligence gathering team sneaks onto a small island under the cover of darkness, the operation goes horribly wrong. Only one man is left to complete the mission, however, the information that he was intending to gather pales in comparison to what he soon discovers is actually happening on the island.