Story: The Visitor, Updates

An indie author’s work is never done.

There’s so much more to writing than the writing.

After writing your story, you have countless editing and rewrites to look forward to, then a cover to be conceived and designed, then publishing. But just when you think it’s over, now comes the labor of promoting your work. And somewhere in all of that you’re supposed to be working on your next piece.

The amount of work that goes on behind the scenes is why so many people are in love with the idea of writing, but never end up producing anything. The writing craft involves a lot of lonely work with little recognition (and even less pay).

So if you’re a writer but are feeling discouraged, don’t give up. Remember why you’re doing this. Remember that you can’t not write. It’s who you are; it’s in your blood.


I am currently in the promotion phase for my debut short story, The Visitor. Here is the first advertisement I created for it (click image to enlarge). I welcome your thoughts and opinions. image


3 thoughts on “An indie author’s work is never done.”

  1. Reblogged this on Mark Anthony Books and commented:
    My good friend, J.L., continues to add insult to injury. Not only has he trumped me to the self-publishing table, but now he has also decided that he will be his own in-depth marketing firm for his first book!

    Seriously, I am pleased to see how far he has come with this book as well as the first advertisement for a book I would highly recommend.

    “‘The Visitor’ is part science fiction and part history; it’s part time travel and part mystery. With a tablespoon of politics, a pinch of dystopia, and a dash of conspiracy, this tale will take you on an entertaining ride with an ending you won’t expect.” — At least, that is what I read somewhere!


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