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Libel in fiction.

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Have you ever wondered if you could be sued for libel in your fiction? Attorney Mark Fowler tackles this issue on his blog Rights of Writers:

“You do not libel someone simply by depicting him or her in fictional circumstances.  Libel requires a false and defamatory statement of fact ‘of and concerning’ an identifiable living person (or business entity).  If real people are depicted in your work only as engaging in acts they actually engaged in, there is no ‘falsity.'”

You can read Fowler’s entire article Could I be Liable for Libel in Fiction? at Rights of Writers.

Writing Advice

That dastardly exclamation point.

image“This post is perfect for those of us who are tired of the exclamation point, as well as for those who might use it in each and every sentence. Take a journey with me to learn when to use one and when you should totally avoid it.”

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