Waking the Proles

Same, same. 



2 thoughts on “Same, same. ”

  1. Coming from an “ex”-communist country, I hate socialism with all my heart!
    (I wrote “ex” because we’re still communists; our politicians just painted themselves in democrats, but they’re running the same play.)


  2. And coming from a slouching-towad-communism country, I hate socialism wth all my heart too. Our politicians paint themselves as democrats (and republicans) too, but they are all running plays from the same play book (Marx’s manifesto if you ask me).

    I know enough about socialism to loathe it with ever fiber of my being and I am not ashamed to say it is one of, if not THE greatest scourges upon our world. I have a sneaking suspicion that (based on your comments) you will enjoy The Visitor when you get a chance to read it.

    Mind if I ask? What country are you from?


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