Social adjustment.


1 thought on “Social adjustment.”

  1. Public school kids are “socially adjusted” only to their peers. We homeschooled even when we were in public school because we had to continually counter the brainwashings. We finally went 100% homeschool when our son was 13 and daughter 16.

    When our son was 13 he was drum corporal (second in command of the drum section) in the pipe band I was a piper in. The youngest member besides him was 19, most members of the drum section (let alone the band) were between 30 and 50, with some in their 60s, yet he had to be part of the team to where they would take his lead. Public school kids have a difficult time socializing with adults, let alone working with them. Our daughter, beginning at 10, was a highland dancer and was part of the team in which the next youngest was 15 and some were full adults. These dancers performed with the band. These youngsters had no problem at all talking to audiences, answering questions, etc. They were “socially adjusted” while their peers in the public schools were still social midgets.


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