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Shout outs.

Besides being busy working on my own projects, I’ve recently had the pleasure of being a beta reader for several other authors and I wanted to take a moment to introduce them (and their work) to you.

A Whale of a Story and A Muddy Bath
by Mark Escalera Sr.

These are two tales of short fiction for children that are based on actual biblical accounts. Both of these stories will be featured in Mark Escalera’s upcoming (yet unnamed) anthology. For more information on these stories, and to keep updated on his future anthology, head on over to Mark Escalera’s blog where he’s busy bringing stories to life.

Technology in Education
by John Cavallone.

This non-fiction work, due out soon, is the second book from author John Cavallone. His first book, The Genealogy Quest: Tearing Down Brick Walls, was a culmination of his labor in researching his wife’s family history. Likewise, Technology in Education is a culmination of his experience in the fields of education and technology. In both books John Cavallone’s mission is to impart the knowledge and wisdom he’s gained in these areas to his readers.

Prescription for Ratings: The Committee
by Kaisy Wilkerson-Mills and James Courtney.

This short fiction is part of a dystopian series entitled City-State. Here’s a synopsis of what the City-State series is about:

After war and turmoil destroyed the United States in 2195, a new nation emerged, and The Second Dark Age ended.

In the year 3211, the people of the nation of City-State are tormented by their current government.

Beneath a beautiful urban landscape of bright lights, two-hundred story skyscrapers, and breathtaking technology, City-State holds deep, destructive secrets, rife with political subterfuge, and inhumane barbarism.

Here each story illuminates the common man, the cruel politicians, and the bizarre, yet unique citizens who fall somewhere in the middle.

This collection of short stories showcases the perils of a heartless nation, the promises of hope, and the shadow of rebellion.

Prescription for Ratings: The Committee is available now at Amazon.