Quotes: Raising a life-long learner. 

2 thoughts on “Quotes: Raising a life-long learner. ”

  1. Thinkers are so the best. My little one loves to learn by doing and exploring. He is so amazing. Let there be more parents with the courage and strength to make thinkers.


  2. Well maybe you should send your kids back to public school because they have no history or science books. They no longer teach it formally but if things go well, they may do one or two science or history projects during the year. They memorize nothing. The only thing they have that you don’t like is work-sheets. My grandchildren are in public school and these days, they study for a lot of tests, take tests, and have parties to celebrate when the tests are over. Take field trips to go swimming or to the park, they have sleep ins, watch movies, and wear their pajamas to school. I homeschooled my children before it was cool back in the ancient 1990’s and I wanted them to memorize but also, think critically. Balance is required in order to develop a well-rounded individual. There is very little balance in the world today. It’s up to parents to create it.

    My sons grew up to be very different from me but the one thing they thank me for is homeschooling. My oldest says he’s very grateful that I taught him to think for himself. That’s the heart of education, giving children the informational tools to think, form opinions, and dream.


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