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2016 update. 

imageThe first two months of the 2016 are just about through, so here’s the second update of the year for this blog and the stories I’m working on.

– A Funny Thing Happened in the Lunchroom, the short story I’ve been working on exclusively since late last year, has a new name. The story is now: Alibi Interrupted.

– Alibi Interrupted is the story about a time traveler who visits Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963 to stop the assassination of the president, but things don’t go as planned.

– Alibi Interrupted was panning out to be around 5,000 words, however, because I’m a pantser, the story has continued to grow as I worked on it and it’s now over 8,000 words.

– Alibi Interrupted was intended to only be released in my upcoming anthology of short stories (whose title is still unknown), but I’ve been so pleased with how the tale has developed that I decided to release it as a single as soon as it’s done (like I did with The Visitor).

– The estimated time frame for completing Alibi Interrupted and making it available to you wonderful readers is still a few months off.

– The other short story I was previously working on, The Island, has been put on hiatus until I can complete Alibi Interrupted.

– February of this year saw two milestones for this blog: It exceeded 46,000 total visits and it gained its 600th follower.

image– As a “thank you” to all the readers and followers of this blog, I am offering my debut short fiction work, The Visitor, for free tomorrow. Just go to Amazon on Monday, February 29th, and download The Visitor for free to your Kindle. Don’t have a Kindle? Then download it to your favorite device (phone, tablet, PC, etc.) using the Kindle app.

Again, thanks for your readership.

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