It’s that season again. 



April update.


In November of last year I began writing my short story, The Alibi. Since then I’ve been busy editing and reworking it like a sculptor labors over a sculpture.

As of today, I am happy to announce The Alibi has recently moved into the next phase of production: Beta Reader reviews. Afterward it will move to professional editing and then be made available to my readers. Thank you for your patience as I work diligently to produce a high quality, well written tale of suspense that you will thoroughly enjoy reading.

imageAlso in April, I exceeded 50,000 views on this blog. As a thank you to my readers I am offering my debut short story, The Visitor, for free all day today. You can download your free copy from Amazon here.


“There are more truths contained in this story than its time travel/science fiction elements might indicate.” 

imageThis week’s featured review of The Visitor comes from reviewer Winston Smith who runs the blog Orwelliania.

Here’s what he had to say about The Visitor:

Time travellers and coup d’états. As a student of the alternative, or hidden, view of history, I am always drawn to stories that can weave those elements into an entertaining narrative. This short piece by Mr Pattison fits that bill most satisfyingly. From his little nods towards Orwell’s darkly prophetic dystopia ‘1984’, to his intriguing characters who, though only fleetingly present on the page, nevertheless appear to live and breathe. Their motives are often as blinkered and self-serving as those of the shadow men that ruthlessly orchestrated the execution of America’s last great hope on a blue-sky day in Dealey plaza in 1963.

And in that tragic event (a very real coup d’état) lies the true point of the tale. There are more truths contained in this story than its time travel / science fiction elements might indicate. I suggest that hesitant readers dive in feet first and, should you experience that itch of awakened curiosity at the back of your mind, find the time to research further and deeper into the world which ‘the powers that shouldn’t be’ don’t ever want you to notice, let alone pay attention to.

You can download your copy of The Visitor here and see why Winston Smith rated it five stars.