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Five essential books for writers.

imageOf the plethora of books on the market devoted to the writing craft, Stephen Altrogge has narrowed them all down to the five most essential.

If you search “writing” on Amazon, you will discover approximately 4.25 trillion books dedicated to the subject of writing.

As one who has read many of these books, I can testify that MOST of these books are absolute DRIVEL. Seriously. They’re terrible and of NO help when it comes to actually trying to write a book. What’s funny is that if you do a Google search on these authors, you’ll find that many of them have only written books…about writing. That’s it. Nothing else.

That is ludicrous. I’d like to propose a new law that, if passed by Congress, would make it illegal to write a book about writing if all you’ve ever written is books about writing.

But there are a few books that stand out amongst all the drivel and detritus. There are a few gems amidst the coal. There are 5 books that EVERY writer should read.

See what those five books are here.


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