Quotes: And adrift we are.

2 thoughts on “Quotes: And adrift we are.”

  1. Objectivists say “A” is “A”. Post-modernists say nay, there is no such thing as objective reality, it’s all mediated through relative semiotic language. In a paradoxical sense, both are two sides of the same reality coin. Orwell is really riffing about morality, a perspective related to truth. Left, Right and Center political actors (drama = persecutor, victim, rescuer) are engaging in behaviors related to relative truths related to relationships. Love and hate is relationship. Truth is a neutral abstraction requiring a catalyzing agent of relationship in order to be experienced and observed as love and hate.

    What do you think is the truth Orwell speaks, that society hates? I’m not interested in debating, just in exploring the idea.




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