This is me trying to format my manuscript for publishing on Smashwords. 


3 thoughts on “This is me trying to format my manuscript for publishing on Smashwords. ”

    1. It’s like pulling teeth. When I published THE VISITOR last year I tried and tried to get it formatted to the Smashwords standards but just couldn’t figure it out and eventually gave up, leaving it on Amazon exclusively.

      Now I am preparing to release ALIBI INTERRUPTED and decided to take a stab at Smashwords again. This time I did some research online and found a few great blog posts with instructions on how to do it. The information I gathered actually worked. I also downloaded the free ebook written by Smashwords that details how to format to their standards (I am in the process of reading that too).

      If you’re interested in giving Smashwords another try, you may want to check out the Smashwords Style Guide book by Mark Coker (it’s free) as well as do online searches for help.

      I just hope all this torture pays off.

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      1. All the very best!! I went with draft2digital. It was really easy, so I’ll probably stick with them. But this is a good reminder to me to put my book on at least the smashwords store. No formatting required! 😄

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