Story: Alibi Interrupted, Story: The Visitor

Enter the “Name My Book” contest.


In the very near future I’ll be releasing a book of two short fiction works. Both stories, The Visitor and Alibi Interrupted, are Speculative Fiction tales involving time travel and the JFK assassination. Currently these titles are available in ebook format only.

This is where you come in. Help me name the book that these two stories will be printed in and if your suggestion is the one selected I will send you a free copy of the book, autographed or not (your choice), as soon as the print version is available.

Entry Rules:

  • Leave your title suggestions in the comments section below (you can leave as many title suggestions as you wish).
  • The contest ends August 12th at 3PM (EST).
  • If your suggestion is the winner, the announcement will be made in the comments section below once selection is made, and I will make arrangements with you to get your book sent to you.
  • This contest does not require that a title must be chosen from those suggested. If none of the suggested titles beat the current working title (see below), then the current title will remain. 

Although having read either of the stories is not required, if you want to have an advantage it is recommended that you check out the blurb for each of the stories to get a better idea of what they’re about. The blurb for The Visitor can be found here, and the blurb for Alibi Interrupted can be found here.

Currently, the working title is:

Saving Kennedy

And the subtitle is:

Two Short Stories.

Two Time Travelers.

Two Chances to Save Kennedy. 

Think you have a better title idea? Enter the contest by leaving your suggestion in the comments section below.

image080116 JPEG

10 thoughts on “Enter the “Name My Book” contest.”

  1. After much contemplation and deliberation, I have decided to retain my original title, Saving Kennedy.
    Thank you to all those who participated and offered your suggestions.
    – J.L. Pattison


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