Waking the Proles

Guest Article: Conspiracies in Christian Fiction

I was recently asked to write a guest article for the The Crossover Alliance publishing company. I am pleased to announce the article, Conspiracies in Christian Fiction, is now available. 

Here are two excerpts from my article:

“Gone are the Christian thinkers who forged forward in the sciences, medicines, art, theology, and higher education. In their place the average Christian in America today is defined by nauseatingly repetitious pop music for their “worship,” self-help books of therapeutic deism for their spiritual nourishment, and talking vegetables for the catechization of their children. Much to our shame, Christianity in the 21st Century is a mile wide and an inch deep. . . . So it comes as no surprise that when critical thinking is required in regards to the machinations of our government, we mentally check out and reach for the television remote instead.”


“Perhaps the greater application of condemnation from these Christian sentinels should be reserved for those who are pledging allegiance to a flag instead of pledging allegiance to the Lamb.

“The fact that many of you reading this are seething right now, proves that nationalism has become American Christianity’s golden calf. It’s an idol that is never allowed to be criticized even while it gets drunk on the blood of countless souls sacrificed to it in perpetual wars.

“And it’s the same idol that’s convinced you it’s perfectly compatible to say “God Bless America” while it slaughters over 3,000 children a day under the protection of its own laws. This is the epitome of cognitive dissonance, and Christians should be wiser than that.”

You can read the entire article here

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