Writing Advice

What is your go-to album for writing?

img_1331When I need to close off the noise and distractions of the outside world in order to write, I resort to earphones with music that best captures my current mood.

Oftentimes epic film scores fit the bill. This genre not only helps to drown out distractions, but its ever-increasing crescendos are a stimulant for the creative mind.

Currently, my go-to album is The Man in the High Castle soundtrack that I stream from the Amazon Prime music app. Overall the soundtrack sets a calming tone that serves as the catalyst to get my fingers typing and my creative juices flowing.

img_1330Although Edelweiss is the most popular track on the album, my personal favorite is Juliana’s Letter. The violins in that song are like candy for my ears and vitamins for my mind.

So, what is your current go-to album for writing?