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Writing tip: Telling vs showing. 


6 thoughts on “Writing tip: Telling vs showing. ”

  1. Good point! And I find a lot of new writers make the mistake of doing both:
    John stood up quickly, then grabbed for the back of the chair as the room seemed to spin. He blinked a few times to settle things down, but his brain seemed to be floating on sea waves. He felt so dizzy.


    1. It is indeed. My husband signed up with the Jerry Jenkins Writing guild and we’ve both been listening to his “How to become a ferocious self-editor” lessons. This may help us to write better, but it sure doesn’t help when I’m reading a book, my red pen pops up and I think, “Hey, the writer shouldn’t have doubled up on this!” 🙂


      1. I’m reluctant to admit it, but I probably make this mistake more often than I’m even aware of it.

        Is the writing guild a yearly membership? I’ve primarily leaned on Writer’s Digest (in the past) and the Writing Excuses podcast (currently) in my journey as an autodidact I writer.


      2. I believe it’s monthly. You can check it out at jerryjenkins.com. I should check into what the Writer’s Digest has to offer. But sometimes it seems like a person’s always studying and never getting to actual writing — except for blogging.


      3. I had a subscription to Writer’s Digest off and on years ago. I learned a ton from those magazines. Now my only ongoing educational “input” (if you will) is the Writing Excuses podcast.

        And blogging is the least of my distractions. I don’t commit much to blogging at this time. I’ve found that when I did, like when I would write a thoughtful article, it would barely get any notice. After awhile I realized I was wasting a lot of time writing articles for this blog that no one cared about. But when I post a cute picture of a cat, I tend to get more likes and comments. 🙂


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