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Waking the Proles


54 years ago today, CIA asset Lee Oswald was gunned down in a basement parking garage while in Dallas PD custody, forever silencing what he knew about the plot to kill Kennedy (and those involved).

Set up as the fall guy by his own duplicitous government, Oswald’s “convenient” murder forever sealed him in the annals of history as Kennedy’s assassin, still perpetuated today by the continued lies of the mainstream media, the establishment historians, and those willfully ignorant of the facts surrounding the case.

RIP 1939-1963

Waking the Proles

Quiz time!

What do the following 3 men have in common?

1). George H. W. Bush

2). Richard Nixon

3). Joseph Milteer (organizer for the National States Rights Party who was in Miami two weeks prior to JFK’s assassination when he was captured on Miami PD audio recordings speaking of JFK’s assassination “from an office building with a high-powered rifle,” and stating “they would pick up somebody within hours . . . just to throw the public off”)

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