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America’s non-readers.

This article contains some very interesting facts regarding the demographics of non-readers in America.

Most surprising is that 28% of those over age 50 haven’t read a book in the past year, compared to only 20% spanning the ages 18 to 49. But then again, if you’ve ever been to a nursing home then you know that the TVs are all on and the bookshelves are usually covered in a layer of undisturbed dust. Beside eyesight being an issue in the elderly, I don’t have an answer for why over a quarter of older Americans don’t read.

Overall, this article is worth the short read . . . unless, of course, you’re a non-reader.

Story: The Island

The Island is now available in paperback.

img_1298For those who prefer the feel (and smell) of physical books, your wait for The Island in paperback is over. It is now available for purchase at Amazon.


Agent Sherard Parker never expected to get caught.

His first reconnaissance mission with the DEA was supposed to be simple: infiltrate a small South Pacific island and gather intelligence about its involvement in the international drug trade.

But when Parker stumbles upon a hidden airliner reportedly shot down weeks earlier—an act of terrorism that sparked a war—he realizes the island is more than just home to a major drug operation, it’s also part of a conspiracy so evil it could lead to World War III.

After being captured, Parker is forced to abandon his original mission for a far more important one: escape from the island and return to his family.

Can Parker lead an eclectic band of prisoners in a daring life-or-death escape from their tropical prison, or will those in charge of protecting the island prevail, keeping its dark secrets forever?

Buy The Island today.

” . . . a twisted, adventurous, piece of brain work.”



Book Recommendation: Heroes of Courage by Mark Anthony Escalera Sr.

Heroes of CourgeIf you’re looking for quality Christian fiction, I highly recommend Mark Escalera’s Heroes of Courage.

Heroes of Courage contains ten short stories highlighting Biblical characters and events that are often overlooked in Scripture. Although Heroes of Courage is a work of fiction, its author stays true to the Biblical text in how the characters and events are handled. In other words, Escalera doesn’t deviate from truth and sound doctrine.

The ten stories in this collection are good for both adults and children alike, and they are suitable for both the seasoned scholar and the newbie with little (if any) Biblical knowledge.

You can get your copy today at Amazon, where it currently maintains a five-star rating.