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25 Facts About Lee Harvey Oswald You Were Never Told About.

October 18, 2019, would have been Lee Harvey Oswald’s 80th birthday. To mark the occasion, here are 25 facts you were never told about this mysterious man.


1). Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Lee Harvey Oswald was the fifth cousin (five times removed) of Confederate General, Robert E. Lee. In Fact, Lee Harvey Oswald’s father’s name was Robert E. Lee Oswald Senior.


2). As a teenager, Lee Harvey Oswald was a fan of the TV show, I Led Three Lives. The show ran from 1953 to 1956 and is described as, “An advertising executive poses as a Communist agent but secretly reports to the FBI.”

3). Enlisting with the Marines in 1956, Oswald eventually obtained top secret security clearance and was stationed at the American U2 radar base in Atsugi, Japan where he monitored radar for American spy planes.


4). Oswald defected to Russia — America’s Cold War enemy at the time — in October of 1959 where he renounced his American citizenship.

(Those who believe Oswald killed President John F. Kennedy point to this defection as proof that Oswald was a communist, whereas those critical of the official story about Oswald’s involvement in the assassination point to this as one of Oswald’s covers as a U.S. intelligence agent in order to appear as a communist sympathizer. In the intelligence community this is commonly referred to as “sheep dipping.”)

5). Almost two years after defecting, Oswald typed a letter to the American Embassy on August 08, 1961, about returning to America. Strangely, he wrote in that letter, “I believe I could catch a military hop back to the States, from Berlin.”

Catching a ride on an American military plane would be an outlandish suggestion from someone that defected to America’s Cold War enemy and renounced his American citizenship, but not as outlandish as America’s response: the U.S. State Department actually loaned Oswald (a supposed enemy defector) $435.71 so he could fly back to America.

6). Oswald was (miraculously) not arrested upon his return and his new Russian wife, Marina, was also allowed into the country without reservation.


7). Oswald continued to present himself as a Marxist, while simultaneously becoming friends with avowed anti-communists such as Guy Banister (former FBI), David Ferrie (Civil Air Patrol and involved in CIA military training for anti-Castro exiles), and Clay Shaw (businessman and CIA informant).

8). Another one of Oswald’s anti-communist friends was European émigré, George de Mohrenschildt, a petroleum geologist who just happened to also be friends with CIA employee, George H.W. Bush. Yes, the same George H.W. Bush who would later become CIA director and the 41st president of the United States (and who claimed he couldn’t remember where he was the day JFK was assassinated).

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12 thoughts on “25 Facts About Lee Harvey Oswald You Were Never Told About.”

      1. I was in the 6th grade (11 yrs. old) when JFK was assassinated. In 1972 I transferred to Missouri Southern State College (Poly-Sci major). I attended a presentation on campus by an investigative group on the assassination. Saw some of the film/video footage, that was not at that time made public. This group absolutely blew a massive hole in the fake Warren Commission Report. Which is nothing more than a government cover-up. Lee H. Oswald was amazing, he is the only known human to fire a shot from an upper floor office building from the rear, and have it enter the throat from the front of JFK. That beats all previously known science explanations to date. I have always thought, especially since that presentation that LBJ played a part, a big part. He was dirty, but not smart enough to pull it off by himself. Many people involved. The Deep State has been around for a long time. Look how many are involved today. I have feared for Trumps life from the beginning……..still do. Dangerous time because they don’t even care how obvious they are. They cover for one another. Thanks for that list! Things there I had heard about before, some new stuff too. Like yourself I have been a student of the JFK assassination. Keep sharing! Thank you!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. “Lee H. Oswald was amazing, he is the only known human to fire a shot from an upper floor office building from the rear, and have it enter the throat from the front of JFK.” Exactly. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks for your encouragement.


    1. No plans for that, Glenn. The info I’ve conveyed in my posts come from standing on the shoulders of giants (Mark Lane, Jim Mars, Penn Jones, Jim Garrison, et al), and there’s no reason to reinvent that wheel.

      If I may offer a suggestion: I highly, highly, highly, highly, highly recommend the nine-part documentary entitled “The Men Who Killed Kennedy.” It originality aired on the History Channel (surprisingly) but since that airing, the last two episodes (8 and 9) have been banned.

      You can find all nine episodes on YouTube (I own the entire series thanks to a seller on eBay). The whole series is phenomenal and I cannot recommend it enough.


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