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Another favorable review.


After having received positive feedback from a writing group on the first chapter of my novella, The Red Bridge, I have recently received positive feedback on my short story, Chasing Her.

When I sent Chasing Her to my editor for review (it was the first piece I sent her), I received the critique that I expected but I also received words of encouragement that I did not expect.

She wrote:

“First of all, I will say you are a very good writer. I’m glad you are becoming serious about using your gift. Many published writers don’t write as well.”

Although I value critiques from family and friends, I understand the true measure of one’s work is weighed in the critiques they receive from strangers who tend to be more honest with providing necessary criticism.

Unsure of what it was about my writing she found impressive, I pressed her for more information and I received the following response:

“You just did a great job at telling the story in a way that keeps the reader on the edge of her seat while wondering where you’re going with the story. It sounds like that’s what you were going for, and you accomplished it.”

It’s this kind of encouragement that provides me with the needed sustenance to continue down the lonely road of writing.

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My first cold critiques.

ImageI’ve only let a few people view the first half of my current work in progress, my novella, The Red Bridge. And of those few people, 100% of them are people who personally know me. It wasn’t until last year that I ventured out and let strangers look at my work.

Last November I posted the first chapter of The Red Bridge on a writing critique site. Unfortunately, I chose the worst possible time to do this as those who regularly offer critiques were in the middle of NaNoWriMo. Because of my impeccable timing I received only two responses, but that was two more than I would have had if I had never taken that step.

As anxious as I was to read what strangers would say about my work, I was also fearful about how my work would be received. But that fear turned to joy after I received the two critiques because . . . they actually liked it.

Sure, they had several areas of suggested improvements, but (because I am my own worst critic) their compliments about my work took me by surprise.

Here are the two compliments I received:

“The language here is full and robust and a pleasure to read.”


You do have a flow to your words and a descriptive prose that makes what you have written a pleasure to read.”

I was truly humbled and honored that two individuals who I do not know described my labor of love in such a manner. And even more importantly, their words provided me with encouragement to continue in the world’s loneliest craft.



Story: Chasing Her, Story: The Red Bridge, Story: The Visitor, Updates

Latest news.

Coming Soon

I wanted to drop a line to let everyone know what’s been happening. Since my last post I have completed a short story entitled Chasing Her, I’ve begun work on a new short story entitled The Visitor, I’ve tweaked this blog’s appearance, and I have been working on the creation of a website.

My novella, The Red Bridge, has been on hiatus for some time now as I’ve worked on the blog, the website, and the new short stories, but I will get back to TRB in the near future.

As soon as the website goes live I will notify everyone on this blog. Stay tuned!