No fear, no mercy.


13 steps to developing a writing habit. 

In Honoree Corder’s article, Developing a Powerful Writing Habit, you will learn the thirteen steps to developing that habit. 

“I’ve long admired my fellow writers who can crank out thousands and tens of thousands of words in a day. When writing was not one of my main focuses, I had to carve out time to write in between my main gig, family, and life in general. Most likely this is your situation, too.

“Something I know for sure: developing a daily writing habit will help you to A) consistently produce content, B) hit your goals, and C) ultimately make more money and eventually a living from your writing.”

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A beginner’s guide to editing. 

Mladen Reljanović over at Writer to Writers has penned an encouraging piece on every author’s most disliked part of the craft: editing.

“Book editing can get tough. It is the least creative thing a writer does. It’s calculating, playing by the rules, provoking exact emotion at exact pages. I could go all day like this – but you get the picture. No one likes editing their work when they can create more new stuff!

“But, you still have to do it. Even if you are about to hire an editor, you still have to revise your work before you hand it over. So, regardless of whether you are hiring an editor or not, we’ll cover the editing steps.”

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