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5 Rule Modifications For Catan.

game-340574_1280I reluctantly began playing Catan four or five years ago (back when it was known as Settlers of Catan). I say reluctantly because when my wife brought it home for our family to play on Thanksgiving, I remember rolling my eyes thinking it would surely be a dumb game. After all, I was a strict Castle Risk guy and this ugly, hexagon-shaped game—comprised of little hexagons within—had “no-fun” written all over it.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I’ve played Catan approximately 200 times since that Thanksgiving. Some people may call me a Catan addict, but I prefer the term enthusiast.

In the past four years I’ve introduced numerous people to the game, I’ve made numerous Catan converts, I’ve researched new strategies, developed some strategies of my own, and I’ve even made a few modifications to the official game rules.

And, if I may be so presumptuous to say, I believe those modifications are an improvement to the original rules. I’m so confident in this, that I’m sharing my five modifications publicly in the hopes that others will derive as much fun employing them as I have.

So without further ado, here are the five rule modifications that have enhanced my family’s Catan gaming experience.

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A minus-2 Victory Card for Settlers of Catan (parody). 

If you’ve longed for an incentive to get your kids (or that one special friend) to speed it up, help has finally come. Introducing the new Longest Turn card.

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5 Steps to a successful game night. 

Thinking of hosting a board game night? Then check out Alex Yeager’s Five Steps to a Successful Game Night.

image“Game nights are wonderful ways to create social activities for both friends and newly-met acquaintances. They can be fun, educational, and memorable and may even turn into a regular tradition. But before planning a game night, keep in mind that many people have been through a bad gaming experience. It only takes one negative experience to turn people off of the concept altogether. As a regular game night host and guest, here are my five steps to making your next game night experience as positive as possible.”

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