Quotes, Waking the Proles

Quotes: Killing the patient.

“An intelligently-wielded [scalpel] can save a patient; using a thousand dull butter knives would kill the patient. More is not often better. The encyclopedic 26 volumes of the Warren Commission are not thorough, they are obfuscatory. The pages of the Warren Commission are not sharp or focused, they are a thousand dull butter knives designed to kill the patient—a patient named Truth.”

– Lance Moore


NFL Football

When a blue sea turns red.

imageLook at this shocking picture.

All of those red jerseys are San Francisco 49er fans watching their team take on the Dallas Cowboys in yesterday’s game. But what makes this picture so shocking?

This game was played in Arlington, Texas . . . home of the Cowboys.

Estimates suggest up to 50% of those in attendance were supporting the visiting team. However, judging by this picture, I can’t help but believe that number was higher.

It’s quite obvious that, while San Francisco’s defense was intercepting Tony Romo during the game, San Francisco’s fans had intercepted game tickets before the game.