The future of universal healthcare in America.

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Libertarian tipping.

The other day while I was out at a restaurant, I “tipped like a libertarian” for the first time . . . and I can’t wait to do it again.

Don’t know how libertarians tip? See the below image.

Pattison's Perspectives

Remembering a true American hero.

Regardless of your politics, Mark Lane was a good, noble man. A man who sought truth and justice above all else.

Reflecting on his long life (this past week marked 2 years since his passing), I wish to honor his many accomplishments by sharing this fascinating and well done biography of the man who should be a household name, but sadly (thanks to government education) few people of recent generations have ever heard of him.


Waking the Proles

I can’t hear you over the ringing of liberty in my ears.


My family has some very exciting news.

I wasn’t sure if we should share it yet, but we’re too excited to keep it a secret (and I figured a bunch of you would be excited to receive the unexpected news earlier rather than later).

So, recently we sought consent from our wise protector and nurturer, the State, to put our humble little fishing boat in a body of water.

I’m pleased to announce that today, May 15th, we found out our petition pleased the crown and we received stickers for 2018 to place over the top of last year’s “proof of permission” stickers so we can now legally put our boat in water.

And that’s not all. We also received permission to fish too. Another gracious blessing bestowed upon us by the State via our purchase of licenses.

As you can probably imagine, we’re gushing with pride right now. We are so thrilled that the State found us fit enough to grant us these rights.

So this year we’re gonna celebrate Independence Day like never before. We’re gonna party like it’s 1999.