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Where have all the children gone?

I’ve watched this video twice and it impacted me both times.  It’s why kids can no longer be found enjoying parks or playing ball in the street.

I sincerely pray that this short video will make you more aware of what is happening with our children, and how we are unwittingly robbing them of a childhood.

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What a Castle Risk stalemate looks like.

In all the years I’ve played Castle Risk, I cannot recall one game ending in a truce. And I’ve never seen, or been part of, a four-way truce. That was until Saturday.

After knocking two of the six players out of the game, the remaining four players battled back and forth with little, if any, progress. Realizing as the hours went by that each player’s castle was too fortified to successfully attack and seize (and that the night was drawing on) the four of us agreed to a truce. And this is what the board looked like when the truce was called.