Waking the Proles

Why wasn’t I ever told about this in history class?

imageI like learning about history, but I absoluelty love learning about hidden history. By “hidden history” I mean history that’s been concealed by the gatekeepers in charge of what information is disseminated to the masses.

Thankfully, with the proliferation of the Internet those things that once remained hidden are now being brought to light for all the world to see, like this article by Benjamin Wetmore entitled These Soviet Victims Will Never Get An American Apology But Should.

“There’s never been a sober assessment of the American role in many needless deaths in World War II because the symbols involved are too vital to each ideology. The political theater of it all is seen, however, by the selective way in which these events happen, by who makes the cut for such empathetic displays, and which victims are forever sent down the memory hole never to be acknowledged or remembered.”

If you’re a fan of hidden history, you’ll appreciate Wetmore’s article and wonder why you’ve never heard of the Operation Keelhaul atrocity.

“History is written by the victors.” ― Walter Benjamin