Waking the Proles

Teach your kids about the road to tyranny by taking them fishing.


Book Recommendation: Heroes of Courage by Mark Anthony Escalera Sr.

Heroes of CourgeIf you’re looking for quality Christian fiction, I highly recommend Mark Escalera’s Heroes of Courage.

Heroes of Courage contains ten short stories highlighting Biblical characters and events that are often overlooked in Scripture. Although Heroes of Courage is a work of fiction, its author stays true to the Biblical text in how the characters and events are handled. In other words, Escalera doesn’t deviate from truth and sound doctrine.

The ten stories in this collection are good for both adults and children alike, and they are suitable for both the seasoned scholar and the newbie with little (if any) Biblical knowledge.

You can get your copy today at Amazon, where it currently maintains a five-star rating.

Pattison's Perspectives

Remembering a true American hero.

Regardless of your politics, Mark Lane was a good, noble man. A man who sought truth and justice above all else.

Reflecting on his long life (this past week marked 2 years since his passing), I wish to honor his many accomplishments by sharing this fascinating and well done biography of the man who should be a household name, but sadly (thanks to government education) few people of recent generations have ever heard of him.