Wanna hang out with me and my phone?

imageTake a moment and check out this superb essay by Brendan Leonard. But if you’re in the middle of dinner with someone, wait to do it later.

Hey friend or significant other or family member or potential love interest:

Would you like to go out for dinner or coffee or a beer with me today so we can stare at our phones and not talk to each other?

We don’t have to stare at our phones the entire time, of course. We could agree to spend 50 percent of the time talking about stuff and the other 50 percent looking at our phones. Or maybe 60/40 would be better for me.

Of course, you are free to try to talk to me 100 percent of the time as long as it’s OK for me to look at my phone 50 percent of the time.

Actually, hold on a second, I just have to check my phone to look at Instagram to see if there are any new photos of a model’s butt presented in a new and interesting way since the last time I checked 27 minutes ago.

Nope, we’re good. OK. Oh wait, but look at this puppy!

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