Tea & Coffee

Makes perfect sense in a world that no longer thinks critically.

One earth . . . but endless possibilities for virtue signaling.

Waking the Proles

Excuse me, but your agenda is showing.

This is the problem with journalism today.

Below are two headlines about the same incident (and both from from the same news source, ironically).

Can you spot which one is the race-baiting, agenda-driven, propagandized tripe?

Pattison's Perspectives

Remembering a true American hero.

Regardless of your politics, Mark Lane was a good, noble man. A man who sought truth and justice above all else.

Reflecting on his long life (this past week marked 2 years since his passing), I wish to honor his many accomplishments by sharing this fascinating and well done biography of the man who should be a household name, but sadly (thanks to government education) few people of recent generations have ever heard of him.