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My opinion of the 49ers new alternative uniform.

imageThe San Francisco 49ers just unveiled their new alternative uniform for the upcoming 2015 season. And as a lifelong fan of the team, I thought I’d share my opinion of the new uniforms in five words: No, no, no, no, no!

What do I mean, you ask? I’ll explain.

No #1: They’re ugly.

No #2: They look cheap.

No #3: The franchise is trying to fix something that’s not broken. The 49ers have one of the best (if not the best) uniform in the league. Don’t mess with it. It’s like waking up one day to find out rainbows are now black and white.

No #4: The red, white, and gold is one of the classics in the NFL. It has represented excellence and is the banner of one of the most successful teams in NFL history. You simply do not toy around with that.

No #5: With the turmoil, chaos, and utter implosion the team suffered this past season, I’d recommend that a uniform change should be the least of their concerns.

There you have it. Although I remain a fathful fan of the team, I am not a fan of the alternate uniform.

NFL Football

When a blue sea turns red.

imageLook at this shocking picture.

All of those red jerseys are San Francisco 49er fans watching their team take on the Dallas Cowboys in yesterday’s game. But what makes this picture so shocking?

This game was played in Arlington, Texas . . . home of the Cowboys.

Estimates suggest up to 50% of those in attendance were supporting the visiting team. However, judging by this picture, I can’t help but believe that number was higher.

It’s quite obvious that, while San Francisco’s defense was intercepting Tony Romo during the game, San Francisco’s fans had intercepted game tickets before the game.

NFL Football

The good news about Aldon Smith’s suspension.

Aldon SmithAs news of Aldon Smith’s nine-game suspension rippled through the sports world today, I have seen a lot of wringing of hands about how the San Francisco 49ers will possibly survive the season without him (in spite of the 49ers going undefeated last season during Smith’s five-game absence).

So, to abate further unnecessary concern, I thought I’d direct everyone’s attention to two silver linings about Smith’s suspension.

1). When Aldon Smith is due to return in week eleven, half the regular season will already be over. And during that first half of the season, it is not out of the realm of possibility that the 49ers may lose another defensive lineman (or two, or three) to injury. Aldon Smith may actually come back at just the right time to replace an injured and tired player.

2). When Aldon Smith returns, he–unlike the rest of the defensive line–will be well rested. While the rest of his teammates have been getting banged up for nine games, Smith will be coming back fresh.

NaVorro BowmanAdditionally, let us not forget that NaVarro Bowman, San Francisco’s premier linebacker, is expected to return from his gruesome knee injury sometime in the mid to late portion of the season. If this happens, then the 49ers will be welcoming back two of their stalwart defenders just in time for the final stretch of the regular season. And that, fellow 49er fans, is good news.