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The first ad for my new book, The Island.

Story: The Island

The Island is finally here!

25-77025421524957216-largeThe long wait is over.

After three years and nearly a thousand dollars in expenses (not counting man hours), my latest labor of love, The Island, is now available to download from Amazon.

Want to read The Island right now but don’t have a Kindle eReader? No problem.

You can 18-77025421524957216-largedownload the free Kindle app to your tablet or smartphone and then download The Island directly to your preferred device. Just go here to get the free Kindle app.

For those who prefer physical books, the paperback version of The Island will be out in June (date still to be determined).  Island paperback

Agent Sherard Parker never expected to get caught.

His first reconnaissance mission with the DEA was supposed to be simple: infiltrate a small South Pacific island and gather intelligence about its involvement in the international drug trade.

But when Parker stumbles upon a hidden airliner reportedly shot down weeks earlier—an act of terrorism that sparked a war—he realizes the island is more than just home to a major drug operation, it’s also part of a conspiracy so evil it could lead to World War III.

After being captured, Parker is forced to abandon his original mission for a far more important one: escape from the island and return to his family.

Can Parker lead an eclectic band of prisoners in a daring life-or-death escape from their tropical prison, or will those in charge of protecting the island prevail, keeping its dark secrets forever?

Polls, Story: The Visitor

Help me with the opening hook.

I recently finished writing and self-editing my short story, The Visitor. I then gave it to my wife for her opinion.

Much to my dismay, the opening paragraph I had worked so hard on, did not appeal to her. She felt it was “too quick.”

Of course, being a strong proponent of a good opening hook, I disagreed, but since I sometimes fail to see the forest for the trees, I’ve decided to get some of your opinions.

I am posting the opening paragraph of The Visitor below, and–in spite of my last poll being a dud–I am asking you to vote below with your response.

The corn was waist high the summer Leroy Jenkins’ dog sensed the visitor’s arrival. The dog startled Leroy from his nap as it bolted into the field, growling and barking with a vigor Leroy hadn’t seen in years.