J.L. Pattison is the author of The Visitor, Alibi InterruptedSaving Kennedy and The Island.

15-77025421524957216-largeHe’s won Libertopia’s Best Libertarian Fiction award two years in a row with his books Saving Kennedy (2017) and The Island (2018).

J.L. Pattison is also runs the website JLPattison.com, and he’s a contributor to the Warrior Writers and Writing Cooperative publications, both on Medium.

“Pattison definitely delivered a twisted, adventurous, piece of brainwork.”

Reader, Bonnie Madrigal

J.L. Pattison delights in spinning tales that not only entertains the reader, but provokes deep thought. That’s why his stories have resonated with readers as being reminiscent of The Twilight Zone, and it’s also why he’s been favorably compared to both Rod Serling and M. Night Shyamalan.

Although he oftentimes tackles heavy themes in his books (e.g. aging, war, death), J.L. Pattison’s stories remain suitable for younger readers because he crafts his thought-provoking and gripping tales without the gratuitous violence, sex, and profanity commonly found in so much of today’s literature. Many readers will find this a breath of fresh air.

“It’s rare to find a book that has a gritty and compelling storyline without using sex, language, and violence, but Pattison pulls it off. “

Reader, Dan Ruben

J.L. Pattison lives in the Wild West of the United States with his wife and children. When not writing, he enjoys fishing, football, and family. He also has an an affinity for lattes (an addiction he acquired in San Francisco) and sweet tea (an addiction he acquired in South Florida).

You can order J.L. Pattison’s books from his website here, and you can follow his non-fiction essays on Medium here.


“Returning to Pattison’s writing is like returning to an old friend. It makes me want to read more [books] like this. Pattison’s books are the kind that really remind you why you love reading.”

Book Reviewer, Olivia Emily





What we want is not more little books about Christianity, but more little books by Christians on other subjects with their Christianity latent.”  – Clive Staples Lewis

The Christian shoemaker does his duty not by putting little crosses on the shoes, but by making good shoes.”- Martin Luther


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  1. Hello, Christine.

    Thank you very much for the comment and the follow. I have set out to have a unique blog but it draws a limited niche. I’m glad you get it and are now part of that niche. I hope to continue to entertain, educate, and inform, as I continue in my dream of writing. Thanks for joinging me.


    1. Thank you, Glenn, and thanks for visiting. Feel free to “follow” my blog if you wish by clicking on the follow button. Again, thanks for visiting. I hope you’ll continue to enjoy what you read here.


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